Quality Policy

 The mission and priority of BTP INFRAESTRUCTURAS, as a company dedicated to the design of engineering and architecture projects and the management of construction of Civil works and Buildings, is the quality and guarantee of the works and projects managed, together with the full satisfaction of our clients and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Quality Policy

With the aim of increasing the level of satisfaction of its clients, BTP INFRAESTRUCTURAS establishes its perspective in identifying itself as an organization that offers serious and responsible solutions to its clients, providing a high level quality projects and construction management.

For this purpose, BTP INFRAESTRUCTURAS has decided to implement a Quality Management System, based on UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 rules, with the following priority commitments:

  • To ensure the Quality System is understood, accepted and effectively implemented.
  • To fulfill the requirements offered to the clients, consolidating the confidence in BTP INFRAESTRUCTURAS.
  • To manage and control processes effectively, in a way that contributes to the continuous improvement of the process.
  • To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, gaining their trust and fidelity, ensuring the quality of the works and projects executed.
  • To identify the risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of our projects, the Construction Management and the capacity to increase customer satisfaction.
  • To communicate to all personnel this policy as well as to suppliers and subcontractors working on our behalf.
  • To create a culture of “Doing things right, at once and always”.
  • To simplify, as much as possible, the Quality Management System (QMS) and its application.

At the management review meetings, and in order to promote our commitment to Continuous Improvement, management examines this quality policy annually and establishes all the means and resources necessary to implement it .

Madrid, Septembre 20th 2016

Juan Lazzari Gutiérrez


ISO 9001 Certification

BTP Infraestructuras has the ISO 9001:2015 certification granted by SGS for its design activities of Engineering and Architecture projects and Construction Management of Civil works and Buildings.

The International Standard ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for a Quality Management System (SGC), focusing on the efficiency of quality management to meet customer requirements. In this way, it is an essential tool for the orientation of the processes and allows us to move towards excellence.

2019-2022_Certificado ISO 9001-2015_EN

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